5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a Blog

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Why should your business start a blog?

Some more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that this is Webdesign7's first ever blog post. Creating and regularly uploading relevant content has many benefits for a company's website. Some business may think blogging is a waste of time without realising the benefits it can bring to a website and the overall company. So we thought we'd share 5 of the top reasons why every site should have a blog channel.




Helps SEO performance

Regularly posting blogs means that you have plenty of opportunities to hit long-tail keywords. Hitting long-tail keywords and is essential for any SEO strategy as half of all searches are over four words in length. These searches don’t bring as much traffic as short popular searches but the traffic is from people in your target audience. If your blog post is on page one of the results, you’ll be receiving more traffic compared to being on page five for a broader, more popular term.

Seen as an active website

Posting blogs regularly demonstrates to search engines that your website is active and up-to-date. Being recognised as an active site with the most up-to-date information for search engine users will register you with higher rankings in results pages. A website with higher rankings will mean greater search result listing resulting in more web traffic.




Supporting campaigns

Blogging content based around a new product or service is an excellent opportunity to increase your websites product/service keywords. This is a great way to push attraction and sales, therefore, will mean an extra avenue for traffic to come to your site which you would have had.

Internal linking opportunity

Internal linking is an opportunity to add additional website links in your blog post to other webpages of your website. Internal linking is a valuable technique to create an effective CTA's based on the topic of the blog. E.g., A blog post based on the best family cars which have a link to view a catalog of family cars at the end of the blog. By adding internal links, the reader can spend more time on the website, gaining more knowledge and confidence in the company. Therefore, this additional website journey influences the readers to convert into a lead/sale by going from a blog post to a conversion page.




Engage with customers, understand what they're looking for

Blogging regularly also increases the opportunity to engage with the customer. At the bottom of your blog, there should be a comment section where readers can interact by asking further questions or just sharing their interest in the blog. Paying attention to their comments gives you an insight into what topics your readers find interesting. When you know what style of posts are more popular, you can further develop your blogs to gain the most engagement and traffic.

Be seen as an industry leader

Launching a blog channel covering essential topics in the industry you specialise in creates the image of being an industry leader. Creating informative, relevant blog posts influences the confidence of readers and current customers in your company. Confidence built is reflected by your industry experience and expertise presented in your blog posts. Therefore, readers consider your products/services associated with the confidence created while reading your blog posts.

Creates a reason for people to come back to your site

Maintaining an active blog channel which creates valuable blog posts has the opportunity to turn into a new source for website traffic, leads, and sales. Readers who found the blog post valuable can visit your website and become a new lead and purchase a product/service. Adding Call To Actions (CTA's) in your blog post based on the blog post topic can further enhance the opportunity to gain additional traffic. Creating leads and sales through blog posts is a valuable asset to gain as it shows how blogging has the opportunity to enhance your business in multiple ways.




Content for social media

If you have social media accounts for your business, (we hope you do!) posting your blog content is a good way of both sparking interest in your brand and driving traffic to your site. Depending on your marketing budget you can have the opportunity to boost the blog posts on social media. Promoted social media blog posts is a tactical way to get your post at the top of users news feed while also further increasing the traffic driven to your website.


As you can see from these points above, blogging is something that every company, big or small, new or old should practice. It builds customer relationship and confidence, conversions, SEO authority and much more. Maintaining a regular schedule will, in the long run, benefit your website and company in more ways than one. Get blogging!