7 Signs That Your Business Needs a New Website

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Why a redesigned website can help my business?

The idea of having a new website can be daunting and exciting. It brings a breath of fresh air into the company yet can feel like a huge challenge no matter how big or small the website is. If your site hasn't been updated or redesigned in the past three years or more, it can mean that you're website is falling behind compared to competitors. Lack of essential updating means loss of visibility, traffic and conversions. If you're interested in the idea of having a new site then here are 7 signs it may be time to start looking at getting a new website. 



Your website isn't mobile optimised

If your website isn't optimised for mobile browsing, then it needs to be updated as quickly as possible. More than half of all web searches happen on mobile devices compared to desktop searches. Having a website lacking mobile optimisation means that you're not catering to over 50% of all potential traffic.


Your design is basic and outdated

Styles change, structures change, and so does quality. If your website has blurry images, inconsistent logos, different colours and fonts this leads to an overall visually poor website. Not only does this not look good, but it also can impact how users may behave on your site. If a user feels the website looks old, they may mistake this for an unsecured and dangerous website where their information may not be safe.



Conversion rate is low

Conversion rates are an essential part of a websites overall performance as it indicates how a user interacts with the content, design and interface and how many reached your desired conversion. If your conversion rate is low, it may be due to your site being older than other competitors. If your competitors have faster, better designed and simplified customer journeys, this will make your website feel like a chore to use. Therefore, negatively impacting your conversion rate.



Your website it difficult to update

If your current site makes uploading new pages and content complicated, time-consuming and potentially expensive then maybe it's time for a new website. A website with stagnant content and little updates effects the score Google give your site which in turn decides your search ranking. By having a website with an up to date content management system (CMS), you'll be able to easily update your website content and add new pages with ease. Having the ability to upload content will help your website become an active and resourceful site for users. 


Your business has outgrown your website

When your website was first made maybe it was just an information site, or you had fewer products and services, and most of your business wasn't online. However, now that the consumer spends more time and money online it may be beneficial for you to update your website to feature as an e-commerce website. A new website design can cater to your growing business needs by providing to your expanding products or services while maintaining an easy to use model. 


Customers feeback about your website

Do customers call up asking questions which they should be able to find out on your website? Are they telling you they can't perform a purchase, booking or cannot find something as your site is falling behind with the latest design and user experience technology? This means that not only are you creating a frustrating experience; you're also losing potential customers and sales due to your out of date website. A redesigned and developed website can ensure an easy to navigate customer journey where users can get to their destination which may be completing a booking, purchasing a product or finding company information. 



Your website is lacking marketing and lead generation

A modern website will have the ability to allow users to input their details into your site to either, sign up, join marketing communications and submit an enquiry/lead. If you can't currently capture user data, then you're losing at on increasing your mailing list, gaining leads and future customers. A redesigned website will have a built-in structure to place the opportunity for users to input their information strategically. 



Redesigning a website is no easy mission; it requires great skill, expertise and dedication to keep your site ahead of the competition. At Webdesign7, we have a hardworking and dedicated design and development team experienced in creating high-quality, user-friendly websites for any business. Our planning and process ensure we meet all business goals while providing a future proof site. Check out how we can help redesign your website here!