W. Uden & Son's Funeral Directors - Web Design Case Study

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How We Transformed W. Uden & Son's Website: 



W. Uden is a reputable family run funeral directors established in 1881. Over the five generations, it has expanded into London, Bromley and Kent to provide a caring and professional service individually tailored to every family's wishes and needs. They are available 24 hours a day to assist you at your time of need, and this includes providing a sympathetic ear and supplying practical advice even if you do not use their services.



Interest for W. Uden & Son's was in high demand at an unprecedented scale, however, as more people now search online, they felt it was time for a new website to keep up with their local competitors. The funeral industry is a competitive industry where multiple companies are based nearby to each other meaning a standout website will become a significant influence when a user is deciding which funeral director to use.



When introduced to W. Uden, we were able to have a consultation to discuss what they wanted from their website and what they would like to gain from their website. There major points for them was to create a modern, mobile-friendly website which took advantage of the entire webpage while having a 'stand out' design against competitors. Their previous website was old and didn't represent W.Uden & Son's prestigious and reputable ethos which they worked hard to gain.  


The Process:

During the project journey, great attention was taken to ensure that each goal that had been set out for the website design was achieved. We created multiple styles and designs to choose from while working closely with W. Uden to provide full clarity along every step and to gain real client feedback.

A critical mission for their website was to create a high quality, aesthetic homepage which stood out compared to competitors. Based on this, we were able to create a large video on the homepage which can capture the company image. 

We needed to ensure the site emphasised the business was family run and independent with a focus on providing a bespoke, genuine and caring service to every family.


Old Website vs New Website:  


Previous Homepage:


New Homepage:

The new homepage creates a highly luxurious, sleek and professional impression which features the requested video homepage. The video contains a wide selection of images which exhibits key services and elements of the company. 


Previous 'Organising a Funeral' Page:


New 'Organising a Funeral' Page:

When designing the new website we were able to redesign the layout and add additional categories and pages which meant we were able to display more information in a less cluttered layout compared to the previous website. All our efforts created a better design while also enhancing the user experience. 



Previous 'Contact Us' Page:


New 'Contact Us' Page:

The redesigned page features a visually informing map with all of the branches pinpointed giving a quick gesture to the location and proximity of each branch to the user. The individual branched are listed below which have also become centralised by moving the testimonial section to its own page.




After designing and developing their new website, W. Uden was thrilled with the results and the mobile optimised and user-friendly system. The new site will also be able to benefit from an increase in online visibility and website traffic as their website was designed with SEO in mind. Regular contact and discussions meant full clarity, confidence and completed goals during the journey. W. Uden and Son's Funeral Directors now have a website that they are proud to own. 


''They Build us an amazing website and are very helpful and friendly!" - Ben Uden - 5 Star Review


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