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How our repeat client asked us to resign their website again:



White Villa is one of the largest signs and awnings manufacturer and supplier in London. Established in 1999, it has been growing ever since and has recently acquired a new branch in Chichester, West Sussex. Their close-knit, friendly staff take pride in creating high-quality signs/awnings.



WhiteVilla Ltd reached out to design their website previously some years back, but as business plans changed,  they needed a new website fit to adapt to an eCommerce platform. They decided to come back to us, Webdesign7. The signs and awnings is a competitive industry where modern, user-friendly websites are essential but also being able to allow customers to access an online store is a critical business need to keep up in today's consumer needs.   



Previously working with WhiteVilla in the past meant we knew the company and team well. We were able to discuss what their new vision was for their website and how we can plan for the future eCommerce platform. Their main aims were to create a minimalistic, easy to navigate the site. Their previous site was still a well-performing site; however, as their taste and business needs changed, so did their website. 


The Process:

While designing their new website, significant consideration was taken to meet the needs of their new website. Being based close to the client, we were able to regularly meet and discuss in detail the progress, design and any changes requested throughout the project. 


The main change for their website was to create a minimalist, aesthetic homepage which directs users to their desired product/service query. To achieve this, we created a homepage designed with a central category circle with a keyword search function. 


Being in an industry where quality and time are significant factors, it was critical for the website to reflect the businesses ethos as a reputable, well-established business with a focus on producing high-quality signs. 


Old Website's vs New Website:


Original Homepage:

Original Homepage

Previous Homepage:

WhiteVilla Previous Homepage

New Homepage:

The new homepage creates a simple, aesthetic and easy to navigate experience with all attention focused on the central products/services bar with the keyword search feature included.


WhiteVilla New Homepage



Previous Products Page:

Old Products Page


New Products Page:

When designing the new products page, we focused on displaying the categories so the user can easily pick the correct product type to continue their journey in the most direct way.


New Products Page


Previous Awnings and Canopies Page:

Previous Awnings Page

New Awnings and Canopies Page:

The new Awnings and Canopies page follows the same structure of enhanced ease of browsing by showing additional subcategories for the user to select. This removes the risk of the user being overwhelmed by trying to find the correct product within the vast amount of product list on the previous site.

New Awnings Page 



When presented with the final website, White Villa was happy to set up the final steps for the website to go live. Their new site benefitted from a  user-ease design approach meaning users were able to find what they were looking for more directly. Having regular conversations and meetings meant White Villa was kept up to date through every step and decision. The project for a new eCommerce product page is upcoming and is something we are excited to be a part of to increase WhiteVilla's sales and traffic further. WhiteVilla has a modern website which is fit for their users, for today and their business plans. 


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